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people. The participants, in addition to Polish flags, also carried banners which bore eg. Password: “All different, all white” or “Europe for whites only.” The prosecutor’s office hit notification to the organizers of the march and the people carrying these banners. The notices indicated at promoting fascism and incitement to hatred on the rasowym.zobacz: “The police become hostage to political games.” Comments ws. Maintain services during the March of Independence »Last Thursday, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro stressed that people who participated in the violation of the law on the March of Independence, will be held accountable.

He estimated, however, that “against the background of tens of thousands of people who were there,” offenders “were but the margin”. “With all certainty, will be held criminally responsible when they are identified. Appealing to the racist slogans is unacceptable,” – said the Minister. Fund for the Development of Physical Culture and investment program of particular importance for the sport is well-designed, justified and perspective to projects which are to develop Polish sports. We have high standards and design Football Academy Legion met them. We believe that they will go after him another Polish sports clubs, both soccer and others. We are open to further support facilities, training aimed at children and young people “- said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism Jaroslaw Stawicki.

In the area about the size of 15 hectares (more…)

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